How To Fix When Outlook Rules Are Not Working?

Outlook Rules Are Not Working

Outlook users have the option to create rules to perform an action, which is programmed automatically. Outlook performs the rules automatically while sending or receiving the email or any other actions based on the conditions specified by the user. Sometimes, the Outlook rules stop working and there can be many reasons behind this. Let’s now dig deep into how to fix the issue when Outlook rules are not working.

Enable The Rule.

Outlook rules may not work if the rules are turned off. To enable the rule and fix the issue.

  • Step 1:Open Outlook on your device and select Files.
  • Step 2:Choose Rules and alerts and make sure the rules you created are not disabled. If disabled, enable the rule and click OK.

Rules Referring To A Deleted Folder

Make sure the rules refer to the files that are active. If not, then add the rules again from the file or folder and ensure the Outlook rules work on your device.

  • step 1:Open the Outlook program and go to the Tools menu.
  • step 2:Select Rules and double-click on the Outlook rules are not working.
  • step 3:If the rule refers to a deleted file or folder, select another rule and replace it with the old one.

Delete And Recreate The Rule

If the above methods don’t work, then try deleting all the rules and create a new rule which helps to fix the issue if Outlook rules are not working.

  • step 1:Open Outlook and select the File option.
  • step 2:Click Manage Rules and alert and select Rules.
  • step 3:Select all the rules listed and click on the Delete option.
  • step 4:After deleting the rules, click OK.
  • step 5:Now go to File > Manage Rules and alerts > Rules > New rule.
  • step 6:Select the New rule and create a new rule. Now, try accessing the Outlook rules.

Still if you are not sure how to fix it when Outlook rules are not working, click the Call button and we are here for the rescue.

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