How To Perform Protonmail Mail Forwarding?

Forwarding Protonmail Email

Mail Forwarding is a feature that enables you to forward your emails to another email account. This feature is quite similar to backing up data. If you want to store your important emails securely for future use, enable the mail forwarding feature on your account to back them up. Most email clients support the Mail Forwarding feature. However, sometimes you might need a converter tool to convert the emails that you want to forward. If you’re using the Outlook email client, use the G Suite Migration for the Microsoft Outlook app to perform the mail forwarding process. This page will show you how to perform Protonmail Mail Forwarding using G-Suite.

Forwarding Emails From Protonmail

  • Step 1:Before you begin the forwarding process, ensure that you’re using the ProtonMail Pro user account.
  • Step 2:Also, the Outlook account is synced with your ProtonMail account. If you’re using the ProtonMail bridge, check to ensure that it is configured correctly.
  • Step 3:Now, select the emails you wish to forward from your ProtonMail account and save them to a local PST file.
  • Step 4:To do so, open the Outlook client.
  • Step 5:Access the File menu.
  • Step 6:Choose the Open/Export option.
  • Step 7:Click the “Export to a PST file” option.
  • Step 8:Choose the emails or folder that you wish to forward from your ProtonMail account.
  • Step 9:Save the emails to the PST file.
  • Step 10:Check if Gmail is enabled for the G Suite organization. If not, enable it.
  • Step 11:After doing that, download the G Suite Migration for the Microsoft Outlook app and install it on your Windows computer.
  • Step 12:Open the installed Protonmail Mail Forwarding app.
  • Step 13:Sign in to your Gmail account (that you're using for mail forwarding) if prompted.
  • Step 14:Choose the Import option followed by the PST file that you have saved on your Windows computer.
  • Step 15:Now, the import process will be initiated. Wait for it to complete.
  • Step 16:When the process is over, check whether the ProtonMail forwarding process is done correctly.
  • Step 17:To do so, sign in to the Gmail account (to which you have forwarded the email).
  • Step 18:If you can find the emails you’ve imported, it indicates that the forwarding process is done correctly. Otherwise, you’ll have to re-perform this process.

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