How To Perform Rackspace Email Setup?

Rackspace Email Setup

Do you wish to perform a Rackspace email setup? It is very simple. Refer to this post to complete the setup procedure. It is easy to synchronize the Thunderbird application to Rackspace email as it helps your computer empower your work.

Configuring Rackspace On The Thunderbird Application:

  • step 1:Initially, launch the Thunderbird application.
  • step 2:In the left navigation pane, select the Local Folders section.
  • step 3:A new section opens in the right column. You can click the Email link under the Create a new account section.
  • step 4:In the dialog box, click the Skip this and use my existing email option. You need to enter the details for the setup procedure.
  • step 5:In the name field section, you can enter your full name.
  • step 6:Enter your email address in the required email address field and then type your password.
  • step 7:Later, click Continue.

Now, the Thunderbird email detects the server settings automatically. You need to click the Manual configuration option and then start entering the details manually.

Rackspace Email Server Settings:

Incoming server:

  • Step 1: Server hostname for incoming mail server -
  • Step 2: Port number – 993
  • Step 3: Security – SSL/TLS
  • Step 4: Account type – IMAP

Outgoing server

  • step 1: Server hostname for outgoing mail server –
  • step 2: Port number – 465
  • step 3: Security – SSL/TLS
  • step 4: Account type – SMTP
  • step 5: Finally, click Re-test.
  • step 6: When you see the message “The following setting was found by probing the given server,” click Done.
  • step 7: Cross-check the details that you’ve entered.
  • step 8: You can also click the Advanced configuration tab and make the necessary changes.

That’s it. You’ve now seen how to do the Rackspace email setup. You can implement the steps as described above. If you have any other queries, you can reach out to us.

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