How To Report Aol Phishing Email

Aol Phishing Email

AOL is one of the best email service providers with tons of features and functionalities. People around the globe use these features to make their lives better and efficient. It has full of security features along with a high-class user interface. AOL is a multi-functional app with over five million downloads on the Google Play Store. So you can download the application on your Android device and start using it by entering the user credentials. But like any other email service, phishing emails are common here. Here we will deep-dive into one of the frequently asked questions - How to report AOL phishing email. Also, we will be providing the solutions for the same.


In the below segment, we have listed some of the most common types of phishing scams that are common among people.

  • Step 1:Phishing emails that promise unmatchable returns and rewards.
  • Step 2:For example: Click on the below link to get your free reward.
  • Step 3:This type of mails contains attachments that appear to be password-protected, and you have to manually enter the email address and password to open it.
  • Step 4:Apart from the above scenarios, hackers use various ideas to steal your personal information.
  • Step 5:On a friendly note - be careful and act wisely on every mail you receive on your AOL account.


  • step 1:Connect your device to an Internet connection.
  • step 2:Make sure that the Internet is stable throughout the entire reporting process.
  • step 3:Open a web browser of your choice.
  • step 4:Log in to your AOL mail account by typing the correct user credentials (username and password).
  • step 5:Go to your Inbox.
  • step 6:Review all the phishing emails that you have received.
  • step 7:Collect as many phishing emails as possible.
  • step 8:Copy all the emails in an orderly manner.
  • step 9:Paste all the pieces of stuff in a new AOL compose page.
  • step 10:Ensure that there is enough area left for you to type on top of the email.
  • step 11:Write an email to AOL Legal Department detailing all the information regarding the phishing emails.
  • step 12:Usually, it is observed that users get the reply within two or three business days.

So, by following this article, you can easily report AOL phishing emails. If you are unable to do so, don’t hesitate to take our help. Click the Call button to get in touch with us.

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