How To Report Hotmail Phishing Emails

How To Report Hotmail Phishing Emails

Email is considered one of the best ways to communicate with others around the globe. Nowadays, email has become a home for spammers who send some useless shit over and again. Cybercriminals not only rely on malware but also see other ways to obtain your personal data. You might be using a Hotmail account to send and receive emails on your computer. If there are too many emails from the same sender (hacker), then adding that sender to the blocked sender list could be beneficial in many ways. After enabling this feature, all future emails from that sender will go straight to the Junk folder. Here we will see one of the most requested queries - How to report Hotmail phishing email.

Spotting A Phishing Email:

In the below segment, we have listed some of the most common types of phishing scams that are common among people.

  • Step 1:Phishing emails promise unmatchable returns and rewards.
  • Step 2:For example: Click on the below link to get your tax refund.
  • Step 3:An invoice from an online retailer or supplier for an order purchase that you did not make in the past.
  • Step 4:These types of emails may contain attachments that appear to be password protected or locked documents, and you have to manually enter the email address and password to open it.
  • Step 5:Apart from the above scenarios, there is much more idea that hackers use to steal your personal information.
  • Step 6:On a friendly note - Be careful and act wisely to every mail you receive on your Hotmail account.

Steps To Report Phishing Email Hotmail:

  • step 1:Turn on your PC and connect it to a power source.
  • step 2:Connect your PC to an Internet connection.
  • step 3:Make sure that the Internet is stable throughout the entire reporting process.
  • step 4:Open any web browser of your choice (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • step 5:Log in to your Hotmail account by typing the correct user credentials (username and password).
  • step 6:Go to your Inbox.
  • step 7:Select the phishing email that you want to report.
  • step 8:Select Mark As from the options at the top of the page.
  • step 9:Choose the Phishing Scam option from the list of options to report a scam email.
  • step 10:Hotmail will prompt you with a message, “You are helping us to stop Junk mail by telling us about messages that are bad.”
  • step 11:Click Yes to continue reporting that particular email.
  • step 12:Click OK to report the phishing email.

So, by following this article, you can easily report Hotmail phishing emails. If you are unable to do so, don’t hesitate to take our help. Click the Call button to get in touch with us.

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