How To Set Up Comcast Cable Box?

How To Set Up Comcast Cable Box

Basically, Comcast is a communication provider, and its services include television, Internet, phone connections, etc. Comcast requires a cable box to make a reliable connection to your television. These services provided by Comcast come under various subscription plans. Apart from this, Comcast offers digital video recorder services that record programs and consist of all the cable box features. Long story short, the Comcast wire box has a lot of features, and set up Comcast cable box by yourself is a great decision. Just follow this article to get to know the correct steps.

Steps to be followed to set up your Comcast wire box:

Step 1 - Unboxing The Comcast Wire Box:

  • step 1:Unbox the package using any sharp object (scissors).
  • step 2:Pull the cable box from the cardboard and place it in the right spot.
  • step 3:You will find the below contents inside the box.
  • step 4:Two coax cables.
  • step 5:A power cord.
  • step 6:HDMI Cables for HD Digital adapter.
  • step 7:Remoter Control signal receiver for Standard Definition digital adapter.
  • step 8:Adhesive Fasteners.
  • step 9:Instruction booklet.
  • step 10:Quick to Start guide booklet.
  • step 11:Remote control and a manual containing Remote Control codes to pair with your TV.

Step 2 - Connecting Digital Adapter:

  • Step 1:The adapter connects to the wall socket and your television, so make sure to place the adapter at a convenient place.
  • Step 2:Attach the coax cable to the wall socket and fix the other end of the cable to the cable IN port or RF at the adapter's back.

For HD TV users:

  • step 1:Make use of the HDMI cable that came with your kit to connect the adapter box to the TV.
  • step 2:Secure one of the ends of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port and the other end to one of the television's HDMI ports.

For SD TV users:

  • step 1:Use the short coax cable to connect the adapter box to the TV.
  • step 2:Connect the coax cable to the two TV ports and the other end of the coax cable to one of the Cable IN or RF ports on your TV.
  • step 3:Now, plug the power cord into your cable box.
  • step 4:Finally, plug the other end into a power source.

Continue to read the following steps to etting up your comcast cable box.

Step 3 - Receiving Signal:

  • step 1:Use the TV's remote control and turn ON your television.
  • step 2:For HD TV, tune your TV to the correct HDMI input by using the remote control.
  • step 3:For SD TV, set the switch to 3 and tune your TV to channel 3.
  • step 4:If you don't receive the signal, set the switch to 4 and tune your TV to channel 4.

Step 4 - Activate The Digital Adapter:

  • step 1:Visit our page or click on the Call button on this page to activate your digital adapter.
  • step 2:Before calling our technical team, make sure to have the following things handy.
  • step 3:Comcast account number and Comcast account name, which can be found on the instruction book or bill receipt.
  • step 4:The serial number of the box. You can find the detail at the bottom of your adapter.
  • step 5:Wait patiently for a few minutes after successful activation.

Step 5 - Remote Activation:

  • step 1:Place the batteries into the remote.
  • step 2:Visit our page and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the remote.
  • step 3:Program your remote and check whether it is working fine.

Step 6 - The Last And Final Step:

  • step 1:Now turn ON your TV with the remote control.
  • step 2:Make sure that the light on the front of the adapter is solid and not blinking by any means.
  • step 3:Start watching Live TV.

We hope our page is usefull to you and you are set up comcast cable box. If you are stuck while executing the steps on this page, click the Call button on this page. Our technical experts will get in touch to solve your issues.

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