How To Setup Zoho Mail On Iphone?

Setup Zoho Mail On Iphone

Do you want setup Zoho mail on iPhone You’ll need to know the email server settings of Zoho mail while setting it up on your iPhone. Refer to this page for configuring your Zoho email messages on your iPhone.

How To Add Zoho Mail On iphone Using Server Setting

Setting up Zoho mail involves many steps. Just follow the simple guidelines given below.Initially, get to know about the mail server settings detail. If you are using IMAP, these are your server details.

Incoming server details:

  • Step 1: Server –
  • Step 2: Port number – 993
  • Step 3: SSL – Yes

Outgoing server details:

  • step 1:Server –
  • step 2:Port number – 465
  • step 3:SSL – Yes

These are the information that you need to know before setup Zoho mail on iPhone.To begin with, you’ll have to enable IMAP on your Zoho mail. Here’s how to do it.

  • step 1:Using the default web browser, launch the Zoho mail application.
  • step 2:Go to the Settings menu and then select POP/IMAP.
  • step 3:Select Enable IMAP.
  • step 4:Return to the Settings menu on your iPhone. Tap the Mail, Contacts, and Calendar option.
  • step 5:Click on Add account and then select Other. Now, you need to provide your name, password, and email address. Begin to enter all the details in the required field.
  • step 6:Next, select the IMAP option as the account type. In the Outgoing mail server, you’ll have to fill in these details.

Outgoing mail server:

  • step 1:Host –
  • step 2:Username – E-mail address
  • step 3:Password – Account password
  • step 4:It’s time to enter the server details in the incoming mail server section.

Incoming mail server:

  • step 1:Host –
  • step 2:Username – Your email address
  • step 3:Password – Account password
  • Meanwhile, cross-check the details that you’ve entered. The details that you’ve entered are examined well, and your iPhone gets connected to the IMAP server.

  • step 4:You’re done with the setup zoho mail on iphone. In case your iPhone is not getting connected to the IMAP server, don’t worry. Check out the details, such as port number, by navigating to the Settings menu on your iPhone.
  • step 5:On your iPhone, tap the Settings menu.
  • step 6:Tap the Mail, Contacts, and Calendar option. On that screen, start scrolling down to the bottom and tap Advanced.
  • step 7:Check for the port number, and the Use SSL option must be enabled. In the Outgoing settings section, verify that 465 is selected as the correct port number and Use SSL option is enabled.

You’re done with setup Zoho mail on iPhone. Start sending your email messages without any delay.

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