Smtp server configuration for gmail

SMTP Server Configuration
  • Step :When you set up an Email client to work with a Gmail account, you will need to configure the Gmail SMTP settings for Smtp server configuration.
  • Step :First, you need to enter the Gmail SMTP server address, which is ‘’
  • Step :Enter your full Gmail address in the SMTP username field and the Gmail password in the SMTP password field.
  • Step :If you need to use TLS encryption, use port number 587. If SSL encryption is required, use the 465 port.
  • Step :Make sure to enable SMTP TLS/SSL.

Smtp server configuration in windows server 2016

Follow these short steps to configure the SMTP server in Windows Server 2016.

  • Step :Open the Windows Server Manager 2016 dashboard.
  • Step :Click the Manage button and choose ‘Add Roles and features’ from the menu. Click Next.
  • Step :Select Role-based configuration and click Next.
  • Step :Scroll down and select Web server. Click the Next button.
  • Step :Now, select 'SMTP server' and click Add Features. Click Next.
  • Step :Click Install. Wait until the installation is complete then only your doing Smtp server configuration.
  • Step :Click the 'Tools' button at the top of the Server Manager window and click IIS Manager.
  • Step :Click the right-arrow beside your PC on the left pane and then select the SMTP Server.
  • Step :Click the Start (solid triangle icon) on the right pane.
  • Step :Right-click the SMTP Server option and select Properties from the list.
  • Step :Select the Delivery tab and click Advanced.
  • Step :Enter your SMTP server address in the Smart Host field and click OK.
  • Step :Click the Outbound Connections option at the bottom of the window and enter the appropriate port number, for example, 586, in the TCP Port field. 
  • Step :Click the Outbound Security option and enter the username and password after clicking the ‘Basic authentication’ option. Click OK.
  • Step :Click the Access tab and then select Relay. Select the ‘All except the list below’ option and click Apply. Click OK.
  • Step :This completes the Windows Server 2016 Smtp server configuration.

Smtp server configuration in windows 10

Follow these intuitive steps to configure the SMTP server in Windows 10.

  • Step :Open the Windows Mail app and navigate to the Accounts button. Click it.
  • Step :Choose Add Account and select ‘Other account’ from the list.
  • Step :Key in the email address & password and click Sign-in.
  • Step :The Mail application displays a message stating that it was not able to find info for the account. Keep clicking Next until the Advanced button appears.
  • Step :Enter an account name, username, and incoming email server address.
  • Step :Choose IMAP or POP from the Account Type drop-down list.
  • Step :Enter an email address in the email address and username fields.
  • Step :Key in the password and then enter the SMTP email server address.
  • Step :Ensure that the option such as ‘Outgoing server requires authentication,’ ‘Require SSL for incoming email’ and ‘Require SSL for outgoing email’ are selected. Click Sign-in for Smtp server configuration.

Smtp server configuration in linux

Note: Make sure that you have the SMTP hostname and IP address.Here is how you can configure an SMTP server in Linux.

  • Step :Download the Mozilla Thunderbird freeware on your Linux computer.
  • Step :Launch Thunderbird. 
  • Step :When launching Mozilla Thunderbird for the first time, it asks you whether you need a new email address.
  • Step :Click the Skip button.
  • Step :When the Mail Account Setup window opens, click the Tools option.
  • Step :Navigate to Account Settings and then click Add Mail Account.
  • Step :Enter your email address in the email field and application-specific password in the password field. (You can make Google generate an application-specific password by following these steps.) for Smtp server configuration
  • Step :Click your Google account icon after logging into your Google account on a webpage and navigate to Sign In & Security.
  • Step :Go to the Signing Into Google section and select App passwords.
  • Step :Choose the Other(Custom Name) option from the ‘Select app’ drop-down list. Select Mozilla Thunderbird and choose Generate Password.
  • Step :Return to the Mail Account Setup window and click Continue.
  • Step :Go to the Incoming section and set the preferences.
  • Step :Choose IMAP from the drop-down list and enter the IMAP hostname in the Server hostname field. For example, for Gmail, it is ‘’
  • Step :Enter 993 or any other appropriate port in the port field and choose SSL/TLS.
  • Step :Choose the ‘Normal password’ option from the authentication menu.
  • Step :Now, navigate to the Outgoing section.
  • Step :Enter the server hostname and port data.
  • Step :For Gmail, it is ‘’ and ‘465.’
  • Step :Set the SSL option to SSL/TLS.
  • Step :Set the Authentication option to ‘Normal password.’
  • Step :Finally, click the Create Account button and click OK to make Thunderbird your default mail client.
  • Step :SMTP configuration is now completed on your Linux computer.

Smtp server configuration in ubuntu

Follow these steps to set up an SMTP server in Ubuntu by using a mail client like Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • Step :Download, install and run Mozilla Thunderbird on your Ubuntu computer.
  • Step :Select the ‘Skip this and use my existing email’ option when you open Thunderbird for the first time.
  • Step :Enter your personal credentials, such as username, email address, and password in the respective fields.
  • Step :Click the Continue button.
  • Step :Thunderbird automatically detects and shows the available configurations.
  • Step :The SMTP settings are applied automatically.
  • Step :Select the IMAP option if you want to set up emails through remote folders or POP to have mails stored on your computer.
  • Step :The incoming and outgoing information is displayed. Ensure that all the details entered on this screen are correct and then click Done.
  • Step :The email login page loads automatically. Log into your account by using your login credentials.
  • Step :Click the Allow button to let Thunderbird gain access to your emails.
  • Step :After a few moments, your emails will be synced to the Thunderbird application for Smtp server configuration.

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