Spark Email Backup

Spark Email Backup

Spark is one of the best email clients for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android users. If you have multiple email accounts from multiple email service provides, you can still access all your email accounts on Spark. Yes, the Spark email client works well with Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud, and other email services that support IMAP.

This email client connects to the email server whenever you check for any new email messages in your email account’s Inbox folder. Usually, whenever you access your email account from an email client using IMAP, your email messages are downloaded to the email client and a copy of your email is stored on the email server. But that is not the case in Spark. The email message is neither downloaded nor stored on your device. You are directly accessing the email server to read the new email message.

The Spark email client does not support the email backup feature because, the emails are not stored on the device. It is always available in the email server for your access. The cached emails and attachments over the past month can be viewed when your device is connected to Internet. Keep it in mind that even the cached emails and attachments will not be saved locally. You cannot copy or move the cached emails to any folder. When the device is online, you can have a look at the cached emails. All the emails that you have sent and received are stored in the email server (Google, Yahoo, etc.). Only if you have a draft email, or a Send Later email composed from Spark, then it is stored in the Spark server, that too in an encrypted form. So, if you are planning to make a backup of your emails in Spark, as you do in other email clients, then it is not possible until Spark decides to such a feature to their application.

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