Solved: Spark Email iCloud Error

Spark Email iCloud Error

Spark is an email app for iOS, Android, and macOS devices. You can set up the iCloud mail account on the Spark app. Firstly, you need to generate the password for the Spark app on the Apple ID web page. Sometimes, when you access the iCloud mail on the Spark email app, the errors occur. Keep reading to understand the different Spark email iCloud error that occur and the solutions to fix them.

Setup Error

  • Step 1:If you are facing trouble in setting up the iCloud mail account, see that you are not using the standard mail password.
  • Step 2:Enable the two-step verification feature on the iCloud mail account. For that, open the System Preferences window and select iCloud.
  • Step 3:Next, choose the Account Details menu and then click the Security tab.
  • Step 4:See if the Two-Factor Authentication is turned on. If not, click to enable it.
  • Step 5:Generate a password on the Apple ID website and use the password to set up the account successfully.

Network Connection Error

  • Step 1:When you are accessing the Spark mail app, check the internet connection of the device.
  • Step 2:In case the device is connected to a VPN network, the Spark mail app may not work properly. Disconnect the device from the VPN and connect it to another working network.

Spark Mail Not Working

  • Step 1:The security program on the device can prevent the functioning of a third-party mail app. Therefore, disable the security apps or programs and then try to access the iCloud account on Spark mail.
  • Step 2:Open your mail account on the official iCloud website. Next, select the Settings icon, choose Preferences , and click Accounts to view the iCloud email address. Make sure it is correct.
  • Step 3:Use only your iCloud email address to set up the email account on Spark and not the iCloud alias account’s address.

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