Thunderbird Email Exchange Setup Guidance

Thunderbird is an open-source email client application that works well with the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. So it is also known as a cross-platform application. Using this email client application, you can manage your emails, chats, news feeds, and newsgroups. This is a popular and widely used email client in the business world. This section will guide you in setting up the Thunderbird application to work with Microsoft Exchange OR Thunderbird email exchange setup. Through Exchange Web Service (EWS), you can configure the Thunderbird application to work with Microsoft Exchange versions 2007 and 2010 servers. To use the Thunderbird application on the other versions of Exchange, you have to install the ExQuilla add-on.

Thunderbird email exchange setup

To know how to configure the Thunderbird application to work with Microsoft Exchange, follow the instructions given below.

  • Step 1: First, download the ExQuilla add-on.
  • Step 2:Install the downloaded add-on the Thunderbird application

Download and install

  • Step 1:Download the ExQuilla add-on from a trusted site.
  • Step 2:After that, open the Thunderbird application on your Windows computer.
  • Step 3:Click the Tools tab followed by Add-ons.
  • Step 4:Now, the Add-ons window will open.
  • Step 5:In this window, click the Settings or gear icon.
  • Step 6:Select the Install Add-on From File option.
  • Step 7:Click the Browse button.
  • Step 8:Select the downloaded ExQuilla add-on file.
  • Step 9:Click the Open button.
  • Step 10:Follow the prompts displayed on the Thunderbird application’s screen to install the add-on.
  • Step 11:After finishing the add-on installation, restart your Windows computer.
  • Step 12:After the restart, open the Thunderbird application.
  • Step 13:Click the Tools tab.
  • Step 14:In this drop-down menu, you can find the ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange option.
  • Step 15:Click the forward arrow available beside it.
  • Step 16:Select the Add Microsoft Exchange Account option.
  • Step 17:Now, you will be prompted to enter the email address and password.
  • Step 18:Enter them and click the Next button.
  • Step 19:In the next window, you will be prompted to select either the do auto-discover or Manual option.
  • Step 20:Select any of the options and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the configuration process.
  • Step 21:After configuring the Thunderbird application to work with Exchange, you can make changes to account settings if required.
  • Step 22:To change the Account Settings, click Tools > Account Settings.
  • Step 23:Contact our experts to get remote assistance for Thunderbird email exchange setup.

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