Usps Tracking Not Updating

Fix Usps Tracking Not Updating Isuue

USPS (United States Postal Service) lets you track your packages and keep an eye on your purchases. But, due to several reasons, usps tracking not updating. However, when you figure out the exact reason behind this troublesome issue, you can fix it in a matter of minutes.

Why Are You Not Getting Updates?

  • Step 1:Whenever a postal worker scans your package, its tracking number will be updated. It can take around 24 hours to update the tracking number with the new information.
  • Step 2:Due to bad weather, such as a snowstorm or heavy rain, the tracking update can take more than 24 hours. Sometimes, this can happen when the facility is understaffed.
  • Step 3:If you have ordered a package from a location too far away, you will be updated with new notifications now and then. Conversely, if your package is not traveling a long distance, you will receive just one or two updates before it is delivered.

Check Your Tracking Number

  • step 1:If you have not received even a single update, your tracking number might be the problem. So, check if you have the correct tracking number.
  • step 2:It is important to have the correct tracking number so that you can keep an eye on your packages before they arrive.
  • step 3:You can refer to the USPS shipping receipt or the confirmation mail you received from USPS to know the exact tracking number of your package.
  • step 4:Usually, a tracking number is 20 to 22 digits long, and it doesn’t include any alphabet. For USPS Express Mail, the tracking number will contain two alphabets and end with “US.”

As previously mentioned, several factors can significantly impact the tracking process. So, wait for five days and check if the tracking is updated. If you still your usps tracking not updating, get in touch with USPS. For further questions and clarifications, reach our technical experts for assistance.

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