Top Mail App For iPhone

Mail App for iPhone

There are many mail apps available for iPhones. But, there are always preferences that vary from one person to another. Let us now take a look at two significant Mail app for iPhone:  

Apple Mail:

  • Step 1:Apple Mail is the most-used email app among iPhone users. It supports almost all the account types. It does tasks like archiving, deleting, adding, moving to folders, etc., quickly and easily. It is user-friendly too. It also comes as an inbuilt feature of every iPhone.
  • Step 2:Apple Mail is said to cover the “stock” experience, which includes reading, sending, etc. It would be even better if some more features are added to it.
  • Step 3:A couple of features that could be added to Apple Mail are the snooze and quick replies functions. These two features, if added to Apple Mail, would enhance it and make it more suitable for iPhones.


  • Step 1:The very first time you launch Outlook on your iPhone, you will be completely surprised to see how different it is from the Outlook on your PC or Mac. If you need an app that resembles Apple Mail+, then you can go for Outlook.
  • Step 2:Outlook comes along with a smart inbox and includes customizable swipes. You also have the facility of scheduling messages to show back up in your inbox. This unique feature is especially helpful if you wish to make an email vanish until you are back to work.
  • Step 3:Outlook has a built-in calendar and has the capability to work with third-party apps like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Step 4:Shortly put, we can say that Outlook is free; it functions with all your major accounts, and it comes as a package of some really great features.
  • Step 5:We have now discussed two major mail app for iPhone.

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