Why is Yahoo Mail Showing not Secured?

Why is Yahoo Mail Showing not Secured?

When you log in to your Yahoo Mail account in a web browser, the URL shows that it is unprotected (without HTTPS). The Yahoo webmail service does not use SSL as default, whereas the Yahoo Mail app on Android, iOS, and Windows has enabled the SSL security. The Yahoo login page is secured with HTTPS. But after you log in, it is not secure anymore. Consider the following measures to resolve why is Yahoo Mail showing not secured issue.

Turn On SSL Service

  • Step 1:You can enable the SSL or HTTPS settings on your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Step 2:Log in to the Yahoo Mail account from the web browser.
  • Step 3:Click the Settings icon seen in the upper right end of the window and then choose Mail Options.
  • Step 4:Navigate to the Turn on SSL menu at the page bottom and tick the checkbox to enable the SSL security.
  • Step 5:If the system prompts the confirmation message, confirm the action.
  • Step 6:When the changes are done, click on the Save menu at the top.

Change the Access Settings

  • Step 1:When you are trying to access the Yahoo account in an email client application, if it shows the message that it is insecure, then use the below steps to change the access settings.
  • Step 2:Open the Yahoo Mail account and go to the Account Security menu
  • Step 3:Turn on the Allow apps that use less secure sign in menu by clicking the toggle button.
  • Step 4:After that, check if you can access the Yahoo Mail account from the third-party email application.

Use Two-Step Verification

  • Step 1:Using the two-step verification makes the Yahoo mail account more secure when you open the account on other email apps.
  • Step 2:Go to the account settings and under Account Security, select the toggle button of Two-step verification.
  • Step 3:Complete the why is Yahoo Mail showing not secured steps, after which you will receive a verification code whenever you access the Yahoo mail on third-party email apps.

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