How To Fix Windows 10 Mail Issues?

Windows 10 Mail Issues

Windows 10 Mail is a built-in email client to manage multiple email accounts on your computer. If you face issues with the Mail app installed on your Windows 10 computer, troubleshoot them to continue working with your email account. For more troubleshooting steps, keep reading the instructions given on this page to fix the Windows 10 mail issues.


If you are accessing your email account in the Mail app and facing issues working on it, follow these troubleshooting steps.

  • Open the default browser and navigate to
  • Click on Settings and select View all Outlook settings -> Mail -> Rules.
  • Select the rule preventing you from seeing the email you wish by clicking the Delete icon next to the created rule.
  • Save the modified rule and clean out your inbox.
  • Clear the junk folder and check your inbox filter to sort settings.
  • Check your blocked senders and safe senders lists.
  • Verify that the Forwarding settings are enabled and then close the browser. 
  • Launch the Mail app and try sending a test email from your email account to check if the Windows 10 email issues have been resolved.


  • You can troubleshoot the Mail app using various methods.
  • If your Mail app is not working, open the Settings app by pressing the Windows + R shortcut keys.
  • Click the Privacy tab in the Settings window and select Calendar from the left-side pane.
  • Under the Let apps access my calendar section, turn on the toggle button.
  • Close the Windows Settings and launch the Mail app.
  • Next, click the Settings icon at the bottom-left corner and select Manage Accounts from the right-side panel.
  • Select Change mailbox settings and ensure that the Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection and Email options are selected under the Sync options section.
  • If the Windows 10 Mail issues persist, update the Mail app.

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