Yahoo Email Stuck In Outbox

Yahoo Email Stuck In Outbox

If your Yahoo Email Stuck In Outbox, Firstly check whether you have entered the recipient’s address without any mistake. If you still cannot resolve your issue, read this article and try each troubleshooting technique to fix it.

Check the Internet connection

  • Step 1:When your Internet connection is not stable, the sent messages may not reach the recipient. Instead, they will stay in the Outbox folder.
  • Step 2:To solve this problem, you need to fix your Internet’s stability.
  • Step 3:If there is no issue with your Internet’s stability, proceed with the following solutions.

Reinstall the app

  • step 1:If you are using the Yahoo app on your smartphone, reinstalling it can help you fix the issue.
  • step 2:Uninstall the app from your smartphone.
  • step 3:Now, navigate to the App Store or the Google Play Store application and search for the Yahoo mail app.
  • step 4:Install the app on your smartphone and check whether your issue is resolved.

Check your email

  • step 1:Your email will stay in the Outbox folder if you have included a larger size attachment.
  • step 2:To rectify this issue, you need to fix your attachment.
  • step 3:Compress your attachment and try to resend the same email again.
  • step 4:In case your attachment is more than 25 MB, you cannot send it. So, make sure that your attachment size is less than 25 MB.
  • step 5:Now, try sending your mail. If this method does not solve your current problem of yahoo mail stuck in outbox, try the next one given below.

Yahoo server issue

  • step 1:If there is any technical issue with Yahoo Mail or Yahoo’s server is down, the emails you are attempting to send will stay in the Outbox folder.
  • step 2:In that case, there is not much to do. But, you should wait until the issue gets fixed at Yahoo’s end.

Recheck the server settings

Server settings play an essential role in sending and receiving emails. By referring to the following credentials, check whether your Yahoo’s server settings are correct.

IMAP Server Settings For Yahoo Mail

Incoming mail (IMAP) Server

  • step 1:Server:
  • step 2:Port: 993
  • step 3:Requires SSL: Yes

Pop Settings For Yahoo Mail

Incoming Mail (POP) Server

  • step 1:Server:
  • step 2:Port: 995
  • step 3:Requires SSL: Yes

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

  • step 1:Server:
  • step 2:Port: 465 or 587
  • step 3:Requires SSL: Yes
  • step 4:Requires authentication: Yes

Your Login Information

  • step 1:Email address: Your complete email address
  • step 2:Password: Your password
  • step 3:Requires authentication: Yes

Recheck all the above credentials and try sending your emails once again.If you still cannot fix your issue yahoo email stuck in outbox, get back to us for expert assistance.

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