Steps For Yahoo Mail Access Checker

Yahoo Mail Access Checker

Anybody can access your account with or without your knowledge. So it is always better to monitor your account’s activities to avoid unauthorized users from accessing your details. Checking the account’s activities is not a big deal. Many email service providers like Yahoo! Mail offer a feature that helps you check your account’s recent activities.

Continue reading this page to know more about the Yahoo Mail access checker.

You can check your Yahoo! Mail account’s activities from the Account Info tab. The following instructions explain the same.

For Desktop Or Mobile Browser

  • Step 1:Open the browser.
  • Step 2:Go to the Yahoo! Mail account login page.
  • Step 3:Enter your account credentials and sign in.
  • Step 4:After signing in successfully, go to the Recent Activity page to view your account’s recent actions.

For Yahoo! Mobile App

  • step 1:Open the Yahoo! Mail app on your smartphone.
  • step 2:Tap on the Menu icon to view the hidden menus.
  • step 3:Locate and tap on the Manage Accounts option.
  • step 4:Select the Account Info option followed by Recent activity.
  • step 5:Now, the recent activity details, including the account login time, etc., will be displayed on the screen.

If you find any unusual activity on your account, then sign out and change your account’s password.

Alternative Ways

You can also check your Yahoo! Mail access using some third-party checker tools like MailChecker,, Mail BruteMail, etc.

  • step 1:Search and download the Yahoo email access checker tool that you wish to use.
  • step 2:After downloading the tool, open it with admin rights.
  • step 3:Perform the on-screen instructions to install it on your computer.
  • step 4:If prompted, type your account’s credentials in the given fields.
  • step 5:Check the access activities of your account by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • step 6:As said above, if you find any unusual or unauthorized access to your account, change the account password and delete the activity details.

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