Fix The Issue Of Yahoo Mail Not Working On Firefox

Yahoo Mail Not Working On Firefox

Is your Yahoo Mail not working on Firefox? Don’t worry. This guide will give you the best troubleshooting methods to solve the issue. Let’s get into the topic without further delay.

Some Of The Causes For Yahoo Email Not Working On Firefox:

  • Step 1:Incompatibility of Firefox with Yahoo.
  • Step 2:Outdated Firefox settings.
  • Step 3:A large amount of cache in Firefox.
  • Step 4:Faulty browser extension.

Solutions For Yahoo Mail Not Working On Mozilla Firefox:

Open Firefox in safe mode:

If Yahoo mail is not working on Firefox, try opening it on Firefox safe mode.

  • step 1:On your computer, open Firefox.
  • step 2:Click Menu and select the Help option.
  • step 3:Now, select Restart with Add-ons Disabled.

(Another method)

If Firefox is not opening on your device, you can access it in safe mode using the below steps.

  • step 1:Press the Shift key while opening the Firefox desktop.
  • step 2:Once the Firefox safe mode Windows opens, click the Start in Safe mode Button.

Clear Cache from the Firefox browser:

  • step 1:Open Firefox and click the Menu button.
  • step 2:Now, click on Options.
  • step 3:Navigate to the Privacy and Security section.
  • step 4:Enable Cached Web Content and click the Clear button.

Do continue to read the below steps about Update your Firefox Browser and get the solution of Yahoo Mail not working on Firefox issue.

Update your Firefox Browser:

  • step 1:Open Firefox and click the Menu button.
  • step 2:Select Help and then navigate to About Firefox.
  • step 3:The browser will update automatically.
  • step 4:After installing the updates, click Restart to update Firefox.

Disable Browser Extension:

  • step 1:Open Firefox.
  • step 2:Go to the Menu bar, select Add-ons and then go to extensions.
  • step 3:Check the list of installed extensions.
  • step 4:Disable the extensions.

Disable the security programs:

  • step 1:Go to the official webpage of the security programs to get instructions for disabling the software.
  • step 2:After disabling, check whether the problem has been solved.
  • step 3:Re-enable the antivirus, firewall, and anti-spyware after you are done using Yahoo.

Reset your browser settings:

  • step 1:Open Firefox and click Menu at the top right corner.
  • step 2:Click Help from the list and select the Troubleshooting information option from the drop-down menu.
  • step 3:Click the Refresh Firefox option to delete all your add-ons, themes, preference, and customizations on the pop-up window that appears.
  • step 4:Click Restart to disable the add-ons and reset your browser.

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