Yahoo Mail Not Working On Thunderbird - Solution

Yahoo Mail Not Working On Thunderbird

“Is your Yahoo Mail account not working on the Thunderbird email client?” If yes, continue reading this page to know how to fix it.

As the first step of troubleshooting the “Yahoo Mail not working on Thunderbird” problem, check whether the computer in which you’re using Thunderbird is connected to a stable Internet. If not, connect it to a stable Internet connection and then check whether your issue is resolved.

Configuring The Account Settings Correctly

Check whether your account and port settings are configured correctly on Thunderbird. To verify it, check whether the configured settings match the details given below.

Incoming Server Settings


  • step 1:Server type: POP
  • step 2:Server address:
  • step 3:Port: 995
  • step 4:SSL: Yes, required
  • step 5:Server type: IMAP
  • step 6:Server address:
  • step 7:Port: 993
  • step 8:SSL: Yes, required

Outgoing Server Settings

  • Step 1:Server type: SMTP
  • Step 2:Server address:
  • Step 3:Port: 465 or 587
  • Step 4:Security: SSL or TLS
  • Step 5:Authentication: Yes, required

Your Login Info

    Setup Your Login Info resolved the problem of Thunderbird not working with yahoo mailissue steps are given below.

  • step 1:Email address: Your Yahoo Mail account address
  • step 2:Password: Your account password (generate app password if necessary)
  • step 3:Authentication: Yes, required
  • If you find the settings are misconfigured, configure them correctly and then try to access the Yahoo! Mail account on Thunderbird.

    If the “username or password invalid” message is displayed on the screen when you try to access your Yahoo! Mail account on Thunderbird, check whether you have enabled the “Allow apps that use less secure sign-in” option. If not, enable it, and then try to access your account.

    Similarly, check whether you have enabled the “Accept cookies from sites” option in your Thunderbird. Follow the instructions given below to enable it.

    For Versions Prior To 78:

    • step 1:Open the Thunderbird application.
    • step 2:Go to the Menu app section.
    • step 3:Select Options/Preferences > Options/Preferences >Privacy.
    • step 4:Now, check whether the “Accept cookies from sites” option is selected. If not, select it.

    For Versions 78 Or Later

    • step 1:Open the Menu list of Thunderbird.
    • step 2:Select Options/Preferences > Privacy & Security > Accept cookies from sites.

    Now, check its all ok if Yahoo Mail not working on Thunderbird, contact us and For more guidance, call our tech team. .

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