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search not working In yahoo email

When your mailbox is flooded with emails, you will think of Yahoo's mail search feature to find some specific emails. Due to several reasons, yahoo email search not working as expected. But, some basic solutions can help you fix your issue in a quick way. Try out the techniques listed in this article and see if they can rectify your trouble.

Check Your Internet Connection

  • Step 1:You need a stable Internet connection to access your mailbox. Therefore, a slow internet connection can be a potential reason behind the Yahoo mail search not working problem.
  • Step 2:Check your Internet speed and fix it with the appropriate solutions.
  • Step 3:If you don't find any fault with your Internet, proceed to the following troubleshooting solutions.

Clear The Cookies

Whenever the search feature is not working in Yahoo, you should optimize your browser in the first place. If your browser opens Yahoo mailbox using old cookies, you may end up with trouble. In that case, you can rectify the problem easily by clearing the cookies. Follow these instructions to clear the cookies from Chrome, Edge, and Safari for fixing your yahoo search mail not working issue.

  • step 1:Chrome: Open Chrome, type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the URL field and press Enter. Then, select all the options and click Clear data.
  • step 2:Edge: Open your browser, type edge://settings/site data in the address box, and press Enter. Then, click Remove all> Clear.
  • step 3:Safari: Open the browser and click Preferences> Site data> Clear data.

Update Your Browser

  • step 1:If you use an older browser that you haven't updated for a long period, you will encounter a problem.
  • step 2:Go to the Settings section on your browser and select the About option. If you find new updates, install them and check if your problem is resolved.
  • step 3:Sometimes, trying a different browser can help you handle the problem in a better way.

Disable Your Computer's Security Features

  • step 1:Protecting your computer with antivirus software and a firewall is always an ideal option. However, due to some reasons, these security features can impact the apps you install on your computer for resolve the yahoo email search not working issue.
  • step 2:But, don't worry; you can fix this trouble by disabling these security features temporarily. Also, ensure you have added Yahoo to their exclusions list.
  • step 3:In some cases, browser extensions can also be a significant reason behind such problems. Therefore, check if you have added unwanted extensions to your Yahoo browser and immediately remove them.
  • step 4:The search feature in Yahoo requires Javascript functionality. If you have disabled this, go to your browser's Settings section and enable it.

Reinstall The Browser

  • step 1:Reinstalling the browser is the final resort to fix your "Yahoo mail search not working" problem. Go to the Settings section of your browser and reset it.
  • step 2:If reset doesn't fix your problem, uninstall the browser from your computer and reinstall it.
  • step 3:Now, ensure that the mail search in Yahoo works without any trouble.

We hope you find this article useful. If stilll your yahoo email search not working, get in touch with our technical experts for real-time assistance. For this purpose, you can use the call option on this page.

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