How To Setup Yahoo Server Settings?

Yahoo Mail Server Settings

Yahoo provides mail services for communication between users. With Yahoo Mail, you can manage multiple accounts, features, a clutter-free mailbox, added customization, huge storage and plenty of other features. People these days want to use their Yahoo emails in other email applications. So, we have guidelines to add Yahoo email to Thunderbird using IMAP and POP3. To do this, you will need Yahoo server settings.

Yahoo Email Server Settings Are As Follows:

  • Step 1:IMAP server:
  • Step 2:IMAP port: 993
  • Step 3:IMAP TLS/SSL: Yes
  • Step 4:IMAP Username: Yahoo Mail address
  • Step 5:IMAP Password: Yahoo Mail password
  • step 1:SMTP server:
  • step 2:SMTP port: 465
  • step 3:SMTP TLS/SSL: Yes
  • step 4:SMTP Username: Yahoo Mail address
  • step 5:SMTP Password: Yahoo Mail password

Adding Yahoo Account To Thunderbird Using Imap:

  • step 1:Open the Mozilla Thunderbird account.
  • step 2:Click the Create a new account section --> Email.
  • step 3:Select Skip this --> Use my existing email option.
  • step 4:Enter your Yahoo credentials.
  • step 5:Click the Continue button.
  • step 6:Select the IMAP option.
  • step 7:Input the server setting details.
  • step 8:Incoming Mail Server:
  • step 9:Outgoing Mail Server:
  • step 10:Incoming port: 993
  • step 11:Outgoing port: 465
  • step 12:Click the Re-test option.
  • step 13:Click the Done option to save the settings.

Adding Yahoo Account To Thunderbird Using Pop3:

Here the following steps are briefly explained about yahoo mail server settings continue to read this page.

  • step 1:Firstly, log in to your Yahoo account and click the Gear icon.
  • step 2:Click Settings from the drop-down list.
  • step 3:Click Edit, located next to Yahoo Account Settings.
  • step 4:Please make sure that the POP option is enabled.
  • step 5:Click the Save button and sign out.
  • step 6:Now, open the Mozilla Thunderbird account and select Email.
  • step 7:Click Skip and use my existing email option.
  • step 8:Enter your Yahoo Mail account credentials and click Continue.
  • step 9:Choose the POP3 option and input the server details.
  • step 10:POP server address:
  • step 11:Username: Enter your Yahoo Mail username
  • step 12:Password: Enter your Yahoo Mail password
  • step 13:POP port: 995
  • step 14:POP TLS/SSL required: Yes
  • step 15:Lastly, click the Done button.

The yahoo server settings you were searching for are listed above. Just follow the instructions and feed the settings, you will be able to manage your Yahoo account on Thunderbird. If you need to fix any mail issues keep follow our site mailsetup and for more queries reach our tech team.

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