Yandex Mail Blocked

Yandex is an email service provider known for its personalized features. It provides 10 GB of cloud storage to new accounts. You can switch the appearance of your inbox just as you like. If your Yandex mail account is blocked suddenly, it will be obviously frustrating. In this article, you will see the techniques to fix the "Yandex Mail Blocked" problem. With all that said, let us get into the topic.


  • step 1:In most cases, Yandex will block your account when you make invalid login attempts to your Yandex email.
  • step 2:So always make sure to log in to your account with valid credentials. If you forgot the password, you can recover it with the appropriate steps. But, do not make any invalid login attempts.


  • step 1:If you keep sending Spam emails from your Yandex email account, Yandex may think you are operating an automated spamming system. As a result, it may block you at some point.
  • step 2:Moreover, if you violate any terms and conditions of Yandex service, it will block your account immediately.
  • step 3:If your yandex mail blocked in those instances, you need to contact the Yandex team and recover your email account.


  • Step 1:If multiple users log in to your Yandex email account from different devices that are connected to the Internet from the same IP address, Yandex may block that account.
  • Step 2:Since Yandex interprets these multiple users as a single user, it asks for additional confirmation. In those instances, you need to verify that you are not a robot by checking the "I'm not a robot" box.
  • Step 3:Then, you’ll be prompted to input the code from the given captcha image.
  • Step 4:If you cannot authenticate the code in the right way, Yandex will block your account.

In this manner, you should handle the "Yandex mail blocked" issue. For further questions and clarifications, you can reach our technical experts for assistance.

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